reCreate is working with STORYLAB, Viborg

STORYLAB, Viborg is a collaboration between libaries, highschools and a variariaty of other partners such as reCreate, to create a multimedia-workplace where young people develop with their narrative potential and work with tales and universes following an experimental masterteacher-principe.

Last modified: 02.12.2015

The work in STORYLAB is based on different media-cultures and creative expression methods, used in connection with Storytelling, digital-remix, Aethical learning-processes and new technology, with the pourpose of strengthning the partisipants multimodal, innivative and social-competences.

The target group for STORYLAB is 7'th to 8'th grade and aims to work closely with highschools as a part of the newly changed highschool-reform. STORYLAB aims to work with Danish/Innovation and entrepreneur-classes.
STORYLAB can be located at located at Viborg Bibliotekernes makerspace 'Testlab' untill the 1'st of november 2016.


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