The future of learning is here - Future of Learning Lab

The future of learning is here - Future of Learning Lab

An immersive learning experience to empower you as an educator for this 21st century.

Last modified: 18.10.2019

The traditional model of “Education factories” is dying. We are far from applying the knowledge we have gathered. The Future of Learning Lab will help you set the foundations for a new learning Era, providing the context, process and tools for educators to act as change makers and collaborative forces.

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In my career as an educator I will:

  • Never stop learning.
  • Change the way we educate teachers so that we can change the way we introduce children to this wonderful world.
  • Seek to improve my competencies to better develop my students’ professional skills.
  • Keep thinking how to transfer knowledge better.
  • Make a positive impact on young people.
  • Practice what I preach to my students and in that sense make room for trial an error where I am a role model for that.
  • Learn and learn to learn.
  • Try to find like-minded colleagues to work with as a team to change the way we teach.
  • Try to combine theoretical background and professional practice.
  • Inspire to change. Learn and improve my professional skills all time long.
  • Seek to touch the hearts of my students by being sincere with them and giving inspiration.
  • Promote not only students’ but also other people's personal growth and development by helping them to unleash their full potential.
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