Vision and Mission


The center will be a change agent in relation to innovation in education, developing concepts that are integrative of mind and body, and provide platforms for mindful interaction between self, others, the environment and society.

The center will develop meaningful frameworks for educating learners and provide learners with tools to engage mindfully and compassionately with others and society through an awareness of multiple perspectives and development of empathy and imagination.
Immersion is the interaction between the learner and the environment engaging all senses in an integrative mind/body experience.

The center will scientifically explore and develop designs for immersive and mindful education and provide a basis for the evaluation of immersive, creative and mindful learning.

The center will operate in a Global perspective with an overarching goal of developing concepts for mindful and creative learning that are validated scientifically in diverse cultures in order to obtain maximum impact on the learning and development of human potential in the 21st century.


The concept of mindful awareness and creative learning draws on universal values of self-expression, empowerment, freedom and full development of the human potential and is linked to the overall well-being of the individual and the balance of society.

It is therefore a natural mission for the center to develop designs and tools for mindful, immersive and creative learning and to provide scientific validation that enables the integration of these concepts into all levels of formal and informal education, and into the culture and values of society.

reCreate provides a platform for quality research and education evolving creative solutions for mindful, balanced, compassionate and stress-free well-being of individuals and society.